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More Trouble

Postby BookEmDanno » 01 Apr 2013, 05:47

Please see this.

It’s the picture of the flag that is important. I read that the Peruvian government are upset that Punch and Judy booths often use canvas in the same style and colour of the Peruvian flag. It is said to be the breach of an international symbol, like using a red cross is a breach of the Geneva Convention. You’ll remember the case of the pantomime where a nurse had a uniform bearing a red cross and legal action was threatened. Because of the ties with Spain since the conquistadors, the Peruvian government have complained to the EU as they perceive Britons are the main culprit in perpetuating this breach. Consequently, a high level EU official from Spain a Raol Fipol is investigating the matter. This seems jolly unfair that a Spaniard should be so involved. Nevertheless, I understand that Senor Fipol has made representations to the UK government and it is likely the use of red and white striped canvas may banned as a result. What can the P&J community do about this, please?
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Re: More Trouble

Postby Harry Alexander » 01 Apr 2013, 15:02

Raol Fipol = April Fool :lol:
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