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Baby Biz

Postby BookEmDanno » 09 Apr 2013, 17:17

I was thinking about alternative baby biz, when my wife bought a homemade rocking crib from a charity shop.

I wanted to emulate something I saw Guy Higgins do at Weymouth many years ago. Guy's baby was different from mine and he had the skill to have Mr Punch (or may be Judy) put the baby in his crib.

I got Teddy Corden to make me a baby's head (no hat) and eventually found a doll at a jumble sale with suitable legs.

Judy takes tired baby away and brings back facsimile baby in his crib, which he has rather outgrown. Foot tickling and seriously enthusiastic rocking from Mr Punch. The crib rotates well through 360 degrees.

I thought it would be a nice alternative to throwing the baby, especially, perhaps, for very young audiences.

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Re: Baby Biz

Postby Trevek » 22 Apr 2013, 12:44

Sounds interesting Danno.

I recently came up with something when i was advised not to hurt the baby, cos there were very little kids in the audience who might get upset (I usually throw it out of the window). I used a handy plastic cup as a waste-paper bin, which Punch pushes over the head of the baby. The baby/cup then runs around the stage, knicking into things. Eventually, Judy comes home and looks for the baby. The cup appears and the kids scream out that 'he's behind you!". Eventually Judy, tired, sits down on a seat... which is, of course, the cup. The cup begins to move around with Judy sitting on top of it...

Worked nicely the first two times. I'm wondering whether to try to find something which looks like a proper bin, or just to keep using the cup, which looks bizarre enough to get a laugh.
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Re: Baby Biz

Postby Chris » 22 Apr 2013, 16:28

The Baby in cradle routine is in one of the Tony Green books I feel sure. Basically Punch is supposedly rocking the baby to sleep and singing a lullaby. Of course he is over enthusiastic and rocks more and more vigorously until the baby is tipped out. In other words the baby falling downstairs is accidental rather than deliberate.
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