Swimming Tape.

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Swimming Tape.

Postby Chris » 24 Jun 2008, 15:41

I'm a little puzzled by an article in the latest edition of "The Swazzle", newsletter of the PJF, which is discussing suitable tape for making swazzles.

I'm puzzled on two counts. Firstly the tone of the article suggests that the appropriate tape is very difficult to locate almost akin to the Holy Grail - yet I thought that Les (Properpunch) had located a source ages ago, bought a quantity, and offered in to the fraternity for a modest cost.

The second reason I'm puzzled is that is appears that other Punch Profs make very many swazzles (the same issue of the newsletter describes one chap's ingenious jig to aid the repeated production of correctly toned instruments) and yards of linen tape. What do they do with all these swazzles?

Over ten years ago I made half a dozen swazzles using whatever tape I could find. I've no idea whether in a bath of water it would sink, float or do the breast stroke, I've never gone in for those kind of rituals. But the point is that one of those swazzles is hidden away in my bag as insurance against the day I forget. Another has been lost, and four of them are still in service. I rotate the four and they are still OK - and I haven't re-taped them in that period. Now I guess I do as many shows in a year as most, so why are others using all this swazzle tape?

How long do your swazzles last?
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Postby lesclarke » 25 Jun 2008, 10:47

I do have a supply of 'herringbone' tape left, (bleached and unbleached supplied) it works really well for me, in the ease of making and performing.
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I will check out the details, amount supplied and cost etc. and update them here.

Sinking - I believe that Glynn Edwards used to advise that one test for tape was that it quickly absorbed water and sank in a glass of water. I sent Glynn some when I'd first got it and, if my memory is correct, he said something along the lines that it worked well, but surprisingly didn't pass the 'sink' test.

I always carry three swazzles, use the best on the day, with the second best as the spare, and the third choice one can then be confidently 'played around with.' I probably end up making about two new ones per year.
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