Soft-centre Joey

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Soft-centre Joey

Postby Chris » 04 Mar 2009, 14:46

<blockquote>Bearing in mind that quite a few children are apprehensive about clowns I decided I needed a more sympathetic looking clown for my shows with younger kids - a softer clown.

I remembered that clowns in young children's comics and annuals are often shown as child-like faces made up as a clown. I thought this might give me what I was after - a soft-centred-Joey.
<img src="images/softerjoey.jpg" align="center"></blockquote>
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Postby Andrew Clarkson » 04 Mar 2009, 21:10

He's lovely Chris and looks great in profile. I like the way you've included the two front teeth.

Very nice indeed,

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Andrew Clarkson
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Postby CvdC » 05 Mar 2009, 00:42

Given that many five year olds have lost their front teeth aren't you provoking a bit of tooth envy here?
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Postby Tony James » 05 Mar 2009, 09:58

I had a girlfriend with teeth like that. She took chunks out of me everytime she kissed me. I bear the scars to this day.

But I'm not saying where!
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Postby Nick Jackson » 07 Mar 2009, 02:34

He's superb.
But I loved your existing clown.
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Nick Jackson
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