Slap sticks

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Slap sticks

Postby CvdC » 26 Feb 2010, 00:07

The drawing below are the designs for three different slapsticks each of which is an essential in the armoury of those who practice this ancient form of martial art.
The first is your standard slapstick with a handle at one end. It is about 15 inches long with a flat handle I think is easier for the puppet to grip than a round one. I once read in a puppet book that you can cover the stick with leather and this helps avoid damage to the paint of the recipient of the blows.
The second is longer and is double ended. This stick is specially designed to be passed from one puppet to another. For instance Punch hits the Doctor, who grabs it and hits Punch and so on. You can also do that see sawing thing that looks so good. It too can be covered in leather.

The third is the proverbial bigger stick that can be bought out as a visual gag. This is best painted brightly so that it has more impact visually.

Now if you don't want to make your own I can produce these as a boxed set. They are made of the finest Australian hardwood (Eucalyptus Regnans) and as mentioned covered in the softest sheepskin leather. The perfect gift for the Punch performer who has everything. Just contact me via email and I will give you a price including postage.

But should you want to make your own here is a 1:1 drawing you can print on A3 paper (Landscape)

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