nice show to learn from

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nice show to learn from

Postby CvdC » 10 Jan 2011, 05:18

For those of us who find it difficult to see a real live show there is always videos on youtube. It is certainly one of the great changes that has occurred in the last few years. While it may not be as good as the real thing it is certainly better than reading a script.
Here is a video from the May Fayre. This chap seems to know what he is doing.

And for those of us learning the art, you will note the timing of this performance. Although there is lots of verbal humour it never dominates the movement of the puppets for one split second. I love the way he gets the audience calling for the Doctor ahead of time - not wasting a moment this bloke. You run to a tight schedule at the May Fayre.
At this event you work to a crowd very familiar with the show but even here they can miss a prompt from Joey. But without missing a beat the performer has a backup to fill any gap.
The show is pared down to just about 10 minutes. I don't think anything has been cut except a little at the start. The baby routine is about as fundamental as you can get but done quickly and without anything extraneous, despite moving along he still manages to pick up on some audience input.

The performance also demonstrates how you can stick to a very basic script that is purely from the tradition but weave into it some original and refreshing bits of business without complicated props and adding extra puppets. It consists of a standard baby walking routine done quite briskly, a nicely stylised Punch and Judy fighting(dancing) preformed crisply with each movement done with precise intent, a policeman routine with a little twist that refreshes it but keeps to the tradition nevertheless, all the panto bits are there and Joey does some dodging about and of course there is a crocodile. The croc seemed a bit large and this appeared to hamper its movement a little.

On the matter of swazzling. Below is what Punch says throughout this entire show other than some repeats and unintelligible noises. Only twice does he actually say anything to the audience where he needs to be understood: What is it? (referring to the crocodile) and Oh no I didn't.

All right Judy
All right brr here we go, over there, go on. Walky walky walky
Baby! sweeties
Stand up
That's the way to do it
Judy oh no no no
I'm baby sitting
Bye bye
Go to sleep my baby
I know what I'll do.One, two, three
That's the way to do it
Oh dear what do you want?
Oh no I didn't
Here we go round the Mulberry bush(sung)
Shuddup, be quiet
One a two a three
I don't want a policeman
Oh dear oh dear
Rolly polly rolly polly
Never smile at a crocodile (sung)
Where are you?
Down here. Down there.
Joey where are you?
All right here we go. A one a two a three.
What is it? what is it?
Don't be so silly.
Where is he? Where is he?
Over there?
Stay there
Get away get away get away
You naughty boy you naughty boy
I'll give him a sausage
Sausages for breakfast, sausages for tea (sung)
Joey come upstairs

So generally three words at a time. So it is more what he does and the sound of the swazzle itself that makes up his character. All verbal humour is done by the other characters.
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Re: nice show to learn from

Postby Chris » 10 Jan 2011, 21:38

This is the great Mark Poulton. Just watch and enjoy.
Thanks very much for drawing our attention to it.
It's good to squawk!
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