Professor Harvo!

Thats the Way to Do it

Fareham, Locks Heath, PO144NA

07989 257106

Stage NameProfessor Harvo!
AvailabilityWeekends only
LocationFareham, Hampshire, Locks Heath, PO144NA
Equity Memberno
Travel for General Showsonly locally
Travel for Birthday PartiesAnywhere - but with additional travel costs.
Contact NameHarvey Wood
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Punch and Judy plus - Magic? Balloons?
I can do magic and Ventriloquism, I also supply a parachute to play games with,
I can run the Party if you want you suply the kids, food and the place and leave the rest to me.
I do games then the kids eat the food, and then it is the magic act, Punch and Judy etc.

About The Show
My show is about 20 minutes long.

no two shows are ever the same I do my show to suit the audience in front of me. my show is topical and occasionally political

on most events I prefer to do 3 shows with a gap in-between

I use the special device to make Mr punch's special voice.

I can do permanent pitch shows which is where I stay for more than one week for this it is 200

for a weekend show it is 100.

Characters and About The Show
Punch and judy, Baby, Beadle, joey the clown, Mr Giraffe and crocodile.

Live Stage Show
I have a live stage sow called The Magic of Laughter for all the family.

Outdoor work
I can do fairs I have Pa system that's battery is not the best so a plug socket will be required for the show.

Make sure that my show does not tie in with anything else going on at the event.

please do not put the show next to anything noisy like a bouncy castle etc etc because it can drown out the magic of show also please make sure my booth is not near a stage ish area because people like to start there act at the same time as ours (even though we do talk to them) but they decide to just ignore us which is rather annoying

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