Professor Jingles

Professional Traditional Punch & Judy & Magic

Storm Cottage, 1 Beach Road, Kessingland

NR33 7RW

Stage NameProfessor Jingles
AvailabilityFull Time
Equity Memberno
Travel for General Showsonly locally
Travel for Birthday PartiesWithin 50 miles
Contact NameBryan Clarke
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Punch and Judy plus - Magic & Whole Parties
Top professional performer and puppet maker.

My Experience
I started to do Punch and Judy when I was 10 years old.

I found my love for Mr Punch when I used to go and watch Franklin Spence on Lowestoft Beach just after WWII. Sitting there, I thought, one day I will do my show here. In 1977 this dream came true.

Until 1999, both my wife and I performed on Lowestoft and Gorleston (nr Gt. Yarmouth) beaches each summer. It became increasing hard to make a living on the beach so gave it all up before I started to dislike it.

For 56 years I have performed my show all over the UK and abroad and will continue to do so for 56 more years!!

Schools Programmes
Mr Punch is always well received in schools. Many teachers are booking the show to educate the children about the seaside and tradional entertainments.

Outdoor Work
Book for fetes and garlas. Mr Punch is a main-stay of such events. I have now been booked for 30 odd years in a row at some events.

Special for Birthdays
The whole party is best in my opinion. Two hours of P&J, magic and games, all you do is the food and book the hall.

Member of PJF? Puppet Guild? etc. List your memberships.
Chairman on the PJF and one of the founding members of the College of Punch and Judy professors, the Puppet Guild and International Brotherhood of Magicians.


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