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Stage NameProfessor Martello
AvailabilityWeekends only
LocationIpswich, Suffolk (Yes, UK)
Equity Memberno
Travel for General Showsonly locally
Travel for Birthday PartiesWithin 50 miles
Contact NameMartin Battey
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Punch and Judy
Professor Martello will perform an amazing Punch and Judy show with hand-carved puppets that will entertain people aged 5 to 105. The show which was first shown in 2007 has improved no-end in the last year. It has all of the classic characters which include: Mr Punch, Judy, Baby, Doctor, Policeman, Ghost, Joey and Boxers (It soon will also have a devil in). The performance can last between 15 and 25 minutes depending on the length you want it too and is appropriate for small children. A great hit.

The Three Little Pigs
A show first performed on March 1st 2008 is a recreation of The Three Little Pigs. For children aged 4 to 10, this show once again, is full of hand-made puppets which include: The Wolf, Builder, Mother Pig and The Three Pigs. To keep the children amused, this version is full of humour and action. All of the people that have watched this show have been amazed and entertained no end. Once again, a great hit.

For children aged 5 to 11, there is the unbelievable new show Persephone. Fitting in with the curriculum, this Greek myth tells children how the Ancient Greeks believe the seasons began. With two different settings (up on the earth and down in the underworld), this show is bound to teach children a thing or two. For the third time, all of the puppets in this show were hand-carved. Not only does this show educate children, it also entertains them too, with the jokes put in. If that's not enough for you, after the show, we can put out some Greek puppets and the children can try putting on their own shows.

About me and my family
At just 11, I am one of the youngest professional puppeteers in the UK. I have been performing for almost 2 years now and entertaining since I was born! I come from a family of performers, as my Dad, Peter Battey does it full time and can be found every Wednesday in August at Colchester Park and performs regularly at Barleylands Farm, Jimmy's Farm, Newmarket Racecourse and many other places. My mum, Miraiker Battey, the carver of my puppets, also performs regularly at private parties and events all over the UK.

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