Professor Addrian

Traditional Punch and Judy Bubbles and Balloons

135 Butt Road


Stage NameProfessor Addrian
AvailabilityWeekends only
LocationColchester, Essex
Equity Member
Travel for General Showsworldwide
Travel for Birthday PartiesWithin 50 miles
Contact NameProf Addrian Hutson
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Addrian performs a traditional Punch and Judy show where the violence excalates with the age of the audience i.e. 4 year olds have a tame run-around and 11 year olds get the full bloody mayhem. Addrians characters include: the Baby, the Beadle, the Ghost, the Devil, Toby the Dog and the Crocodile. For special occasions Jack Ketch the Hangman.

Magic: Addrian performs a choice of childrens magical tricks.

Bubbles: Always a favourite, Addrian links bubbles together until he blows cubic ones.

Balloon Modelling: Everything except frogs! He can't do frogs. But every child always gets a balloon and even if they go bang has one when he leaves.

Juggling: The only man in England to juggle 75 balloons at the same time, plus the usual clubs, balls, rings, eggs.

Games: A wide range of games (but he doesn't do pass the parcel).

Storytelling, and a range of puppets also available.

Addrian only travels locally by tricycle and trailer. For anything outside Colchester collection has to be arranged.

My Experience
About twenty years of full time experience including a 20 year residency on various ships of the Stena Line.

Addrian has also in the past run Mother and Toddler groups and Playgroups, and is Learning Alliance trained. (The old P.P.A.)

Schools Programmes
Addrians show and talk fits neatly into the Victorian topic, Seaside days and Drama sessions.

He also has a wide range of puppets, finger, glove, rod, marionette, shadow. Many from around the world.

Addrian can also provide Anglo-Saxon living history and story telling.

Outdoor Work
Addrian undertakes outdoor work with the addition of bunting. School, Church, anything fetes. Weddings, Parks, the lot. Even shopping centres and firework nights.

Special for Birthdays
All Addrians birthday parties are special. He only undertakes one birthday party a day. The programme includes juggling, magic, balloon modelling, bubble blowing and of course Punch and Judy.

As Addrian has no set act each party is tailored to what he thinks the birthday child would like best.

Addrian will also come along and run your party for you (food and party bags not included), but parachute games, chocolate eating games and face in flour pie games are.

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Member of British Actors Equity.

Member of Punch and Judy Fellowship.


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