Mr. Bimbamboozle

Entertains young children delightfully with Magic and Punch & Judy

Harlequin Puppet Theatre
Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay

01492 548166

Stage NameMr. Bimbamboozle
AvailabilityFull Time
LocationRhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay
Equity Memberyes
Travel for General Showsworldwide
Travel for Birthday PartiesAnywhere - but with additional travel costs.
Contact NameChris Somerville
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Chris Somerville's Children's Show combining Magic and Punch & Judy is always delightful for the end of term treat and early bookings are especially suggested for the Christmas period when Chris is heavily in demand when everybody wants the same last two weeks of term.

Chris is also in demand for School Fun Days where Punch & Judy is an ever popular attraction which delights not only the children but also the adults.


During term time Chris offers a Punch and Judy Workshop, where he talks about the Punch and Judy tradition, and how it came to be associated with the Seaside.
The fascinating story of how Mr Punch came from Italy to London as a string puppet, recorded by Samuel Pepys, how he transformed into a glove puppet and became a popular Victorian street entertainment, and how he followed the crowds to the seaside can be presented at a level to be appreciated by infants or juniors, and can fit in with Key Stage 1/2 projects on the Seaside Holidays of the past.

The talk is illustrated with pictures and puppets, and includes a performance of the traditional show, and can finish with a Question and Answer session.

As Mr Bimbamboozle, Chris has the happy knack of winning the confidence of children, his ability to make them laugh, and his gentle but firm control make him popular with kiddies and parents alike, and he is particularly in demand as a birthday party highlight. Whether in the home or local community hall Chris brings fun and laughter with magic and Punch & Judy.

These domestic shows are designed to involve the children in helping to make the magic. Of course the birthday boy or girl is made to feel very special, and are encouraged to assist in a magical feature. Chris is sensitive to the feelings of children and will not press an overly timid child, but it is surprising how even the normally shy ones warm to his encouragement and are eager to be involved.

The show normally lasts about one hour, starting with magic which involves a great deal of participation with the children who, when Mr Bimbamboozle gets into difficulties, seem to know just what to do to make the magic work. There follows twenty minutes of hilarity and excitement as Mr Punch gets up to his usual naughtiness, is frightened by the crocodile, and is finally apprehended, with the help of the children, by Mr Policeman and is escorted from the scene.

Following the puppet show the magic continues and the usual finale is where a child helper succesfully magically produces enough sweets to be shared by everyone.

The traditional Punch & Judy Show started as a popular street entertainment, and when the Victorians discovered the joys of the Seaside, and flocked to the coastal resorts, Mr. Punch followed the crowds.
Mr. Bimbamboozle enjoys performing outdoors at many carnivals and fetes around North Wales and Cheshire and Shropshire, at Country Fayres and Flower Shows. School Fun Days are becoming increasingly popular and many have all the innocent fun of the old fashioned Garden Party.
Mr Punch is often a valued attraction. Since such events all take place at the weekends of June, July and August the date book becomes quickly filled. People who are keen to book Punch & Judy usually do this early in the year.


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