Professor Dan Slater

8 Darnbrook Walk
York, YO31 0RH


Stage NameProfessor Dan Slater
AvailabilityWeekends only
Equity Memberyes
Travel for General Showsonly locally
Travel for Birthday PartiesWithin 50 miles
Contact NameDaniel Slater
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Punch and Judy and Magic
I have been a Magician for five years and this is my second year as Professor Dan Slater and i intend to keep the tradition of Mr Punch going for as long as i can.

My Experience
In magic i started out being your typical Magician at 16 years of age and over time i deveoped my skills into stage shows and close up suitable for adults and children. I was always a fan of Punch and Judy, when i left school i made it a determination to become a Punch and Judy Professor and here i am today.

Schools Programmes
I have done dozens of schools. I have also done shows for schools who teach special needs, i would say i have worked more for schools with specific disabilities than i have your typical Primary school. So give me a ring about your event.

Outdoor Work
Last summer was my first real season performing all around Yorkshire in steam fair rallies, also some town centers. One of my most memorable shows was in London, Covent Garden. which is where Punch was first noticed by Samuel Pepys in 1662.

Special for Birthdays
There is nothing i havent done before. I can do your typical magic show then after the food party games, Punch and Judy show can be added. I work around what you would like. The best way to sort out your perfect birthday party is to give me a ring and lets see what we can do. Your basic birthday party is this. I always make the show an hour and a good thirty minutes for food then time for party games.

Member of PJF? Puppet Guild? etc. List your memberships.

I am a member of the Punch and Judy fellowship and i am also a member of the comittee.
Member of Equity
CRB checked
Public Liability cover

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