British Directory of Punch & Judy Showmen

Tips for creating your Directory entry

It is quick and easy to get a basic entry, this only requires you to enter contact details and click a couple of boxes.

Should you be prepared to devote some extra time you can have an impressive entry with a photograph and as much sales text as you wish. In fact, if you do not have your own website this gives you an excellent web presence, a one page website with its own URL (web address) which you can put on all your publicity. Even better, it is a page which you can change and update as often as you wish.

To see the sort of thing click here.

To include a picture:
If you understand these things, your picture should be of low resolution and idealy between 200 and 400 pixels wide. The resolution should be no more than 100 dots per inch. These things can be checked and altered in many photo-paint type programs such as Photoshop, PaintShopPro or programs which come bundled with a camera.
A free program which can be downloaded is called Irfanview.. If you consult the Frequently Asked Questions of the Help section of that program you will find the relevant question "How to reduce saved file size". The answer tells you how to use the program to do just that.
If you are ever taking pictures on a digital camera which are specifically to be used on the web, then they are best taken at low resolution. High resolution pictures, however, are much better for printing on paper. As a rough guide, I save web pictures at 98 dpi, graphics to be printed at 150 dpi and photographs to be printed at 300 dpi.
The picture you use must have been saved as a jpeg - that is it will have the suffix .jpg. Many digital cameras deliver pictures in this form.

Text information
You can include as much text information as you require. You can also change the headings, or delete these. There are boxes in which you can type as many paragraphs as you want. .Alternatively you can pre-prepare these paragraphs in Notepad, then use the COPY and PASTE facility to paste the paragraphs into the text boxes. Please note that you cannot use "inverted commas" in the text boxes, although you can use 'single quotes'. If you forget and do use inverted commas, then all the text after the first occurence will disappear.

Editing facility
Since you can edit and change your entry at any time, this means you do not have to do all the work in one session. You can add your photograph today, and add the text next week.

More than one entry
Many will want to put their entry in neighbouring counties. If you have an elaborate entry you may not have the time to make the repeated entries. One way round this is to make your home county your main entry, with a nice picture and carefully worded information describing your services and shows. In your other entries you can just put the basic contact details, without a picture, but in the first text box put something like:

For full details please go to:

which is the URL (web address) of your original Directory entry. Then as you get time in the future you can elaborate each entry as you see fit.

But with judicious use of CUT and PASTE it shouldn't take too long to make a few entries. Also there is an advantage in different pages rather than one common one - you can have a different emphasis for different areas. For example in a rural county you might stress your availability for agricultural shows and the like. This emphasis would be out of place for Greater Manchester or Greater London perhaps.