Prof Chris Panic

Traditional but ever evolving !

Panic circus,Gelliaur,Cwmbelan
Llanidloes,Powys ,SY18 6QF

01686 440777

Stage NameProf Chris Panic
AvailabilityWeekends only
Equity Memberyes
Travel for General Showsworldwide
Travel for Birthday PartiesAnywhere - but with additional travel costs.
Contact NameChris Panic
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Panic Puppets and Clowns .
Established over 30 years and a true travelling show in the Gypsy tradition.The family outfit has evolved to become a travelling family circus involving 3 sons,nephews and nieces and partners.
A fully fledged tented BIGTOP circus but still doing Punch as well as Circus and storytelling.We travel the UK and Europe in the summer and the Gypsy Fair circuit in NewZealand in the winter (their summer!)
A new generation took up punch last year with Elliot (Fool Mcool!) taking over Prof Panics show when he was dealing with his cancer (now DEALT with!) .All sons expert bottlers and clowns and circus performers.Now 5 generations in the booth....and counting!
Grandchildren on tour already stilt and unicycle experts...

Schools Programmes
Extensive programme of school puppetry and circus workshops are provided by Panic puppets and Panic circus.We also work on youth inclusion projects etc.

Outdoor Work
We have our own Bigtops (choice of one or two polers) plus alfresco outfit with circus seating and circus ring.

The Coat of 100 pockets!
A unique performance of storytelling based around the profs coat of 100 patchwork pockets...every pocket holds a treasure.....
every treasure tells a story......Stories from gypsy,celtic and traveller sources.

Member of Punch Liberation front
Other memberships will not be revealed even under torture or bribery.My lips are sealed


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