Punchman's tips
Proscenium Fixing Methods
Chris Somerville
These tips came in response to an enquiry about fixing the sides of the proscenium to the uprights. The methods detailed can equally be applied to the proscenium top or other fixing problems.
The easiest way is to have the proscenium side panels permanently fixed. This was how they were on the original lazytong booths. Providing there is no inward overlap then they do not impede the folding. Velcro is popular and effective. You get the Stick and Stick variety. (There are also Sew 'n Sew & Sew 'n Stick) If you have the choice get the heavy duty variety. It is expensive but the adhesive is better. It sticks best on planed wood rather than sanded. The advice that it sticks better on painted wood is a fallacy. If you do use it on painted wood then the bond is only as strong as the paint's adhesion to the wood.
As well as sticking the velcro also use a staple gun to reinforce , especially at the vulnerable ends.
Two other methods I have used effectively are both picture mounting techniques. The first uses the fixers illustrated. An alternative is the key slotted plate usually used to hang mirrors.
Pin hinges are also very good, and can easily be made in any size.
Two half hinges either side of the upright would couple with their partners screwed or pop riveted to the back of the proscenium panel.

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