Rubbishing Mr. Punch

contributed by Mr Bimbamboozle

This little snippet is a guaranteed laugh with most kids. I find that the best laughs from kids are not always from visual situations but often when you stimulate them to create a picture with their imaginations.

In this case Punch is sitting on the playboard, legs dangling. He is rocking too and fro, perhaps singing. He rocks too far back, and, with a squawk, overbalances and falls backwards out of site.

Joey, as he is coming into view, but looking down, apparently at Mr Punch on the floor:

"Good heavens!!"

Looks at kids:

"Was that Mr Punch falling down?"

Kids "Yes".

Joey, looking down behind the playboard:

"He's fallen right in the rubbish!"


"He's got his bottom stuck in the bin"

Turning back to kids:

"Serves him right, the silly sausage."

Just because there isn't any funny dialogue please don't dismiss this as worthless. Joey has a chortle in his voice when he says "He's fallen right in the rubbish" and the kids are amused - some laugh - but they all laugh when Joey adds the punchline because the kids really see Punch in his predicament.