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Illustrated Collier and Cruikshank, 1832
prepared by Christopher van Der Craats

Anonymous Script, circa 1960

The Drama of Punch & Judy
Script by P.F.Tickner, 1937

Script by Lee Redwood (aged 11 years)

Non-violent Script by Uncle Wiggy

The Henry Mayhew Script (1851)
by courtesy of THE PUNCH PAGE

Collier & Cruikshank (1832)
PDF file for downloading
by courtesy of THE PUNCH PAGE

Write your own script!!
Suggestions from Christopher van Der Craats

Beautifully illustrated script by Christopher van Der Craats

Bits of Business - snippets of routines to add to your show.

Excerpt from Mayhew and the Punchman, including the Dominion of Fancy script.

MILLENNIUM SCRIPT by "Prof. Will" Stackman, Dec. 1999
Based on a quarter-century of performing and updating the show.
Longer than most versions performed in the past.

A Punch & Judy Script to be performed by live actors.

These scripts are of interest in their own right but may also be of help to would be Punch and Judy performers who wish to write their own scripts. It should be pointed out that their publication on this website does not signify that they may be reproduced in any way, nor that they may be performed without fee. The copyright remains that of the authors who are at liberty to charge a Royalty for public performance.
If you wish to use a script please contact who will put you in touch with the relevant copyright holder.
Punch Scripts can also be found in many books. The following are useful:
  1. Hallo Mr Punch by Edwin Hooper
  2. How To Do Punch and Judy by Sidney DeHempsey
  3. Practical Punch and Judy by Sidney DeHempsey
  4. Successful Punch and Judy by Glyn Edwards

Possibly available second-hand from New puppet books can be got from The Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre