Some lines from Mark Poulton

Another play on words is the "Swasages" gag, where Joey says he's going to get something and when everyone sees what they are to call out.
He brings up the Sausages and the audience shouts out "Sausages".
"Pardon" says Joey, (then a couple of times more and the volume increasing all the time - eventually Joey does hear).
"Ah Swasages" - he agrees.
The audience tell him again "Sausages",
"That's what I said - "SWASAGES" (etc)
"I can't say "Sausages", and the audience tells him he's just said IT!
"Just said IT, then I didn't say sausages then did I"! (and on and on)!!
I end this bit by simply saying "This could go on all night".
Hope that reads OK and you know the routine I mean.